Retreat Offerings


a Day of rejuvenation

Join Gaby Van Houten and Judith Rainforth for a Day of Rejuvenation at the Rainforth Retreat Center on Thursday, June 7 from 9-5. Your rejuvenation day will include an Ayurvedic facial, your choice of the infrared sauna or steam shower, lakefront water activities, a light Ayurvedic lunch, and a meditation on the labyrinth walk. Robes, towels, and linens will be provided; additional overnight stay available via reservation.

  • Time: 9-5
  • Date: Thursday, June 7
  • Cost: $125
  • Enrollment limit: 5 people
Need overnight accommodations? Contact Judith Rainforth for reservations. Overnight accommodations are $50 per person.

Individual Spiritual Direction

The hour is intended to be for the guest to explore their spiritual journey as they discover where God is in the midst of their joys, struggles and concerns.

$60 per hour session

Labyrinth Classes

The class is designed to teach the historical and present intention of walking the labyrinth. The guest will be able to walk two different kinds of labyrinths. They will experience the benefits of this walking spiritual tool that helps one become reflective, centered, healed, balanced, and in touch with spiritual energy. 

3 hour class - $20 per individual $180 minimum

Silent Retreats

The guests will be able to spend the day in total silence.

Starting at $60 per day


This retreat will be with a group and the interaction will be part of the learning experience. There will be different topics of retreats and will be led by a variety of presenters.

 $200 per person

Rent THE Rainforth retreat center

To book an overnight stay at the retreat please follow the link to the Airbnb site. 




The Rainforth Retreat Center, located just outside of Omaha, was built in 2014 at Riverside Lakes, which consists of two serene lakes along the beautiful Elkhorn River. 

It is an ecumenical retreat center nestled amidst lakes, river and trees.  This is a place of peaceful seclusion for rest, contemplation and renewal. Those who desire time away from their busy lives are welcomed with warm hospitality and encouraged to focus on their spiritual journey. 

There are one-day programs, overnight stays, weekend retreats and a variety of other lengths of stay as requested.  Retreats are offered on different topics and lead by a variety of leaders. The retreat center is also available for groups who wish to meet or those looking for a small place to hold special events.


Why Should I Come to the Rainforth retreat center?

Sometimes people come to retreats when there are major changes in life that need discernment. Retreats are for those who have a desire to grow spiritually as they become more authentic. 

Spending time in retreats enhances integration of mind, heart and body. Retreat guests will grow spiritually and use the time for rest and renewal.