Freqently asked questions

Is smoking allowed on property?

This is a no smoking facility.


Are there stairs involved?

Stairs are involved for the downstairs apartment but not for the upstairs apartment.


Is there parking on property?

Yes, and if guests park on the street, the neighborhood association has a rule that cars must be parked opposite Rainforth Retreat Center side of the street in case emergency vehicles need to drive through.


Are events allowed?

Events must be cleared with host. 


What are the rules regarding check–in & checkout times?

Guest must consult with host – flexible times available


Will the host live on property?

The host may or may not be on property. It depends on whether both levels are booked. 


Are prices negotiable?

Yes, depending on circumstances. 


What are guests expected to do before leaving? What about keys?

Guests are expected to leave the property as they found it and to strip bedding and
place in laundry room. There will be no need to make beds. Keys will be issued to
guests and are expected to be returned to host before leaving or placed back where
they found them.


How do i book a retreat? Can i host a retreat?

You can host a retreat - Contact Judith Rainforth -


What is a spiritual retreat?

It is a definite time spent away or set apart from one’s normal routine for the purpose of seeking God in the midst of our lives and practicing spiritual disciplines. The purpose is to grow spiritually, which may include reading, meditating, prayer, worship, journaling, walking or whatever one feels brings them in closer communion with God. It may be time spent alone in silence or with others.


What retreats are found at The Rainforth Retreat Center?

There are a variety of retreats. To date, men and women have been hosted who come as councils, boards or staff to spend time in discernment and team building. There have been women who have come for overnight silent retreats. There has been an art journaling retreat where women were taught the connection between art and faith as they journaled with art. Meditation retreats have been held at the center along with yoga retreats. The list is extensive and some are led by the Rainforth Retreat hostess, Judith Rainforth and some at led by others who have sought a place to lead a retreat from their field of expertise.  


What does a retreat include?

A retreat can be hosted on a variety of topics.  A retreat consists of having a quiet and meditative atmosphere. Most guests come with a common goal to find peace in the midst of a busy life. The schedule is flexible and the guest is free to pick and chose what he or she wants to participate in while sometimes a guest comes exhausted and just needs to rest. There are no “shoulds” at a retreat.  The spiritual journey for a retreat guest is an individual journey so one needs to seek quiet spaces for experience and reflection. 


What do I wear?

It is very casual attire and there are two sets of laundry facilities at the center so one can pack lightly. If you are into playtime on the lake, it is advisable to bring a swim suit. There are plenty of towels. 


Do we need to bring food? 

That depends on the arrangements ahead of time.  If it is a directed retreat, there is always food included but if it is a silent retreat, it is best to bring ones own food. There are places to prepare and cook food.


For reservations or information:

For other questions not answered here, please use the form on the contact page to reach the Rainforth Retreat Center staff. To book your next stay please follow the link below to the Airbnb site.