Winter Travels and Reflections


I have returned from my warm winter travels filled with gratitude and inspiration for the offerings at the Rainforth Retreat Center.  I spent three months traveling in Mexico, California, Arizona and Colorado with friends who enjoy yoga, meditation and hiking deserts, red rocks and beaches.

It is such a joy to have friends to experience life with some who date back to the 80's.  Life has brought me more than I ever could have imagined with family and friends that support me on my spiritual journey. 

As I downsized my transportation options a year ago this month and bought a Toyota Highlander, I realized the joy of simplifying my life to one vehicle now that I no longer need a towing vehicle.  Of course, my therapy dog, Paco and I have traveled far and wide as we are seeing the odometer at nearly 25,000 miles of safe travel.  Road trips are such a enriching part of our lives together.  Perhaps some of you will want to join me for some upcoming trips.

My prayer is that we have many more years to enjoy our journey together, which includes prayer, meditation and nature at our peaceful setting at Riverside Lakes and along the Elkhorn River just outside of the City of Omaha.

Life seems to get so busy and for me just taking time to be a human "being" rather than a just a human "doing" is important.

Looking forward to our upcoming retreats and sessions filled with peace and serenity as we experience God in the midst of our life.






Judith Rainforth