Today I sing the praises of my friends at KOUVS who have made my dream of a website for Rainforth Retreat Center come true. If you want a website, they are the company to do it! We have worked together as a team, brainstorming about the creation of a website that will tell the story of the ministry of all whose lives are touched by the opportunity to come to a retreat and feel the restorative power of being still and knowing God is God. 

Over the years I wondered and meandered as I sensed a calling to this place in life. None of my ministry throughout the years would have been possible, first of all, but for the love of God, my family, my friends, my spiritual directors, my sponsors, my mentors, my professors, my parishioners, and yes even my enemies. I learned a long time ago to pray for friend and foe. 

When I was on my three month sabbatical several years ago, I was able to travel to retreat centers in various parts of the world. While I was at a silent retreat in Point Loma, CA, I walked many hours on the beach and prayed. I wondered if it would ever be possible to create a retreat center near the water like the one I was experiencing. While, I am sure I had the Pacific Ocean in mind, God blessed me more richly than I could ever imagine, as I have been able to build a retreat center, not on a beach on the coast but in the middle of our beautiful United States of America, The Midwest.   

At the Rainforth Retreat Center, I am happy to live in the same state as most of my family and enjoy the fruits of my labors, which have brought me to the place of being involved in the lives of my 6 teenage grandchildren and their families.  My friends are not only here but also scattered far and wide. When I host retreats, it is a blessing to become acquainted with  diversity in faiths and cultures. My circle of friends multiply as a result of The Rainforth Retreat Center and the many ways we experience our spiritual lives. 

I realize that as this chapter of my life unfolds, the word retirement will never be part of my identity as this ministry of presence so makes my heart sing and God willing, this will be part of my life-long journey.

Judith Rainforth