2017 Reflections

Another Thanksgiving and Christmas Season is upon us! I love this time of year! I confess I listen to Christmas music before, during and after Advent and Christmas! I love dancing to the music in the privacy of my kitchen as I bake cookies and remember all the love of past, present and future! This week, I have written some Christmas cards and ordered my first ever flocked
Christmas tree! I promise no decorations till after Thanksgiving! 

As I think of all the memories we have made at The Rainforth Retreat Center this year, I am reminded of each of you as we have shared so much peace and joy. It is time to update my website and remove some of the memories that are now dated. Some of those have included the spiritual directees that I have seen here, the silent retreats, travel retreats, yoga retreats, art retreats, staff retreats, youth retreats and the list goes on. Each involved person has made my life richer. I thank you for your part in making the retreat center what it is today.  If you want to attend or co-host any retreats in 2018, I would welcome conversation about such.

As I prepare to go to warmer places this winter, I know I will spend much of my time in planning for the future of the Rainforth Retreat Center. I love the freedom to explore the opportunities that present themselves daily. So many of my friends and colleagues are creative and join me in creating peaceful times for spiritual growth. When I am not engaged in retreat activities, I am enjoying serving in various congregations as I am invited to the ministry during absences of other pastors in different locations.  I feel blessed that I can continue to enjoy serving others in so many different ways. At the top of my list has been teaching Confirmation Classes for Junior High students and leading worship on weekends.

My daily prayer is to enjoy good health.  Because of this blessing, I continue to be active and filled with desire to be involved in a ministry of presence wherever I am, to reach out to others and to welcome guests to the Rainforth Retreat Center with a spirit of hospitality.  Hope to see you in this beautiful season and if not in 2017, perhaps in 2018!

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

Peace, Judith Rainforth 

Judith Rainforth