A place to unwind.

Located near OMAHA, NEBRASKA on the Riverside Lakes on the Elkhorn River.  


Our intention is to create a safe environment where all are welcome to explore their spiritual lives as they integrate mind, body and soul.

We Value:

Diversity and Inclusiveness.

Peace and Happiness.

Faith and Spiritual Awareness.

Unity and Hope.


Upcoming Retreats


labyrinth classes

Contact me if interested in scheduling an individual or group class on the Labyrinth

Led by Judith Rainforth.


Spiritual discipline trips to Avon/Vail, CO

Please join us for a road trip to Avon/Vail. We will stay at The Westin Riverfront Mountain Villas for a Spiritual Disciplines Retreat. There will be limited space so register early. Please contact me directly for pricing or inquiries.

Hosted by Judith Rainforth.


YOGa retreat
in review

"Experiencing a weekend Yoga Retreat at the Rainforth Retreat Center was amazing! The Yoga instructor is a 'healer.' Her voice a calm presence and her intuitive nature set us off on a inspirationally centered two days. Peacefulness fills every room at the retreat center. Your stay is filled with a beautiful environment, loving hospitality and warm kindness. What a blessed weekend!"

Catherine Cacioppo

Rancho Mission Viejo, CA

Yoga led by Jan Rockwell Lofgren


Spiritual direction


Rest & Renewal

To lead a balanced healthy life one must take time out for self. We often have to schedule time alone because there is always competition for our time. It is important to find peace in the stillness created by a time set apart.

It is helpful to relax and realize self as a “human being” and not always as a “human doing.” We can sense renewal in the quiet of nothingness. When we relax we discover unexplored areas of our spiritual life. We discover our true self and live more authentically with a mindful focus. As renewed people of God, we can live our life with dignity, ease and grace.